Smart visualization 1 – Atmospheres


Interprete the beneftist trough the atmosphere and story of the design with one image"


Is the course for me?

Visualization doesn't have to be a render, doesn't have to be photorealistic image, even doesn't have to be an artwork for the gallery...



Learn how to visualize your design and think from another perspective. It will save you a lot of time and mistakes in practice.

The course is for you if...

You are a professional and your job is designig space.

You are interested in how quickly and clearly create architectural visualizations without rendering.

You need to show and communicate design your client during the design.

You want to learn how to visualize the benefits of your design during two days of practice.

You don't want to make visualizations as your primary business.

It sounds great! Show me the prices and date.

The experience of graduates..

You can get extra:

Our Checklists to create

 Visualization so you won't forget about anything important.

Know how cards with rules about form and content of visualization.

Certificate about your new skill.

Personal approach. That's why we'll meet in a very small group of people.

The default Photoshop file.

So you'll never start the visualization from scratch again.

Enter the graduate zone. Where you can further ask and share information.

Bonus textures for creating visualizations.

Enter to the "Resource zone for architects".

Since 2013 the course has been attended by 190+ architects, designers, urbanists or landscape architects.

The worst only in 3 cases has earned 7 points out of 10.

The average score is 9,74 points out of 10.

80% of clients came back for another service.

It sounds great! Show me the price and date.

Sign up / Smart visualization 1

The idea of the course is to give you simple procedures that will allow you to think and further develop your author's handwriting, rather than achieving a championship in Adobe Photoshop itself.

You will understand the complex workflow of working with masks, brushes, selects, filters and much simpler suitable for the architect's jobs.


+ With your tempo

+ Individual time

+ Instant use in practice after 2 days

+ Non-destructive approach to work in Adobe Photoshop

2days  / 999 €

26200 CZK


+ 3 to 5 participants

+ Carefully to time and money

+ Instant use in practice after 2 days

+ Non-destructive approach to work in Adobe Photoshop

2days  / 399 €

10500 CZK

Currently listed course dates

7. – 8. 9.

Smart visualization 1 – atmosph...


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A closer look at the course

  •   What are you going to learn?

    1. day – from 9:00 to 12:30


    • Client hypothesis and continuous presentation.
    • Principle Smart visualization = image = Effective communication not only of the features but also of the advantages of your designs to the client.
    • Introduction to contemporary visualization tools
    • Efficient Adobe Photoshop setup and layout organization.

    1. day – from 13:15 to 16:30


    • Principles of content and form creation.
    • Selecting the ideal shot and the atmosphere of the image.
    • Creating a client-side visualization using the collage method.
    • Setup a short homework.

    2. day – noon from 9:00 to 12:30


    • Questions from home exercises and their solutions.
    • Completion of visualization.
    • Start using advanced effects to tune the resulting atmosphere.

    2. day – afternoon from 13:15 to 16:30


    • Analysis of completed visualizations, recommendations.
    • Verifying newly obtained skills.
    • Questions that complement your atmosphere or your existing workflow.
  •   Do I have to control Adobe Photoshop (PS)?

    You don't have to control the software at all. We all go through or modify the level of all course atendees together.

    However, if you did not even have turned on Photoshop, we recommend you enter this information when you sign up to the note.

  •   Would I use the the course, even if I work in the PS?

    From client experience, we can say yes.


    This is not just about Photoshop features, but mainly about visualization from view of the audience's benefits, clear steps and schedule, the efficiency and economy of the process, the organization of the work and the whole document, and the non-destructive approach to creation.


    If you are not sure, just contact us and send .psd sample.


  •   I want to register what will happen next?

    Click on - "Sign up" - to move to the payment gateway. There needs to pay the mandatory deposit of CZK 950.


    Any further informations about aditional payment and meeting point will come by next e-mail.


    For more information, see the Visuin terms of service and please use google translator. We're working on it.

  • What is good to bring on course?

    At the course, you work with your own PC with Adobe Photoshop installed at least CS6 english version. More detailed information  where to get the legal trial version will be available upon Sign up.


    If you are working with a stylus or graphic tablet, we recommend bring it with you. You'll get a more from your the course.

  •   Can I bring my proposal?

    The course is not designed to work on your own visualizations. We always work on the materials we prepare, which guarantee the quality of teaching and knowledge.


    For graduates, we organize events where they can individually visualize their design. We are happy to inform you about the event.


  •   Will you give me an invoice?

    For sure!

     Simply fill in your billing information.

    We are not VAT payers and therefore the prices are final.

Who will teach you

Ing. arch.

Dalibor Dzurilla

Founder, Lecturer, Project Activator


Activator of projects that have the theme of the future. He is looking for new ways of presenting an architect through modern technologies, as well as classic proven procedures.